The inclusion of the OLD BIG LIE in the Spy Balloon Story

In recent years, the topic of UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), often referred to as UFOs, has gained significant attention in the media. With claims of the Pentagon confirming the existence of UAPs witnessed by Navy fighter pilots, it seemed like we were finally stepping out of the dark ages when it comes to researching this mysterious phenomenon. However, a recent article by AP Reporters Lolita Baldor and Tara Copp titled “What we know and don’t know about suspected spy balloon” has cast doubt on the progress made.

The article discusses Project Mogul, a classified project that involved launching weather balloons with common materials. According to the article, this project is believed to be the explanation for the infamous Roswell incident, where an unidentified object crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. However, what the article fails to acknowledge is the significant details surrounding the Roswell incident.

The intelligence officers sent to examine the crash site and recover debris were from the elite 509th Bombardment Battalion, the world’s first nuclear-armed bomber squadron, stationed at Roswell Army Air Field. These officers were highly trained and experienced individuals who would undoubtedly be able to recognize a downed balloon. To suggest otherwise is simply facetious.

The Roswell incident has been an ongoing investigation for over 30 years, involving more than 600 witnesses and numerous documents. It is not just a mere balloon mishap as the article suggests. There have been unexplained actions by the government, such as detaining a civilian rancher for three days and issuing death threats to a 12-year-old girl and her family for speaking about a piece of metal she found. Additionally, valuable historical records related to a nuclear air base mysteriously disappeared when questioned by a congressman from New Mexico.

These incidents, coupled with statements from senior officers involved in the cover-up, raise questions about the role of the Military-Industrial Complex and the media in perpetuating a false narrative. As President Eisenhower once warned, we have reason to fear the influence of the Military-Industrial Complex, which includes wire service media.

In conclusion, the recent article by Baldor and Copp fails to acknowledge the extensive research and evidence surrounding the Roswell incident. It reduces a complex investigation to a simplistic explanation of a balloon mishap. The truth behind UAPs and their potential extraterrestrial origins deserves more serious consideration and open-mindedness. It’s time to move beyond the Big Balloon Lie and delve deeper into this fascinating phenomenon.