Starship Flight 4 begins Wet Dress Rehearsal campaign

SpaceX has started preparations for Starship Flight 4 with a series of critical tests, including a Wet Dress Rehearsal (WDR) to simulate launch day procedures. The WDR involves loading Starship with liquid methane and liquid oxygen and marks a shift in launch pad infrastructure to horizontal cryogenic tanks.

Ship 30 has completed a six-engine static fire, skipping a spin prime test, and will undergo heat shield repairs before moving to the upgraded Orbital Pad B. Ship 26 is

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Launch Roundup: Starliner delays second launch attempt; Falcon 9 to launch first batch into new spy constellation

The past week in space was filled with a variety of events, including delays, record launches, and the introduction of a new spy constellation. Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft was delayed for its second launch attempt due to a faulty valve, now rescheduled for May 21. Meanwhile, SpaceX continued its dominance with multiple Falcon 9 launches, including one for a new spy satellite constellation. Blue Origin also announced its return to flight with a crewed New Shepard mission. A solar flare caused disruptions, but SpaceX

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Port and factory expansions pave the way for the future development of Space Coast

Port and factory expansions are underway on Florida’s Space Coast to accommodate the increase in spaceflight activity. The developments include the construction of new launch pads, upgrades to processing facilities, and expansions to factories and Port Canaveral. These upgrades are necessary to support the upcoming generation of reusable rocket stages, such as SpaceX’s Starship and Blue Origin’s New Glenn. Recent flyovers have provided insight into the progress of these upgrades, with SpaceX and Blue Origin both making significant strides in their respective projects. Other

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Ship 30 set for Static Fire in the upcoming week as Flight 4 preparations progress.

SpaceX is making significant progress in its engine testing campaign and preparations for upcoming flights. Ship 30 has been rolled out for engine tests, featuring interesting additions such as new roll thrusters and a new Liquid Oxygen (LOX) vent. These updates indicate ongoing efforts to improve and refine SpaceX’s rockets.

Booster 13 has completed cryogenic proof testing and features new LOX vents and large baffles in the engine section. This shows SpaceX’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

SpaceX is

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