Unistellar Introduces a Sequel to the Original eVscope: An Overview

Unistellar’s eVscope 2: A Powerful and User-Friendly Telescope
Unistellar, a leading manufacturer of advanced telescopes, has released its latest product, the eVscope 2. This new telescope builds upon the success of its predecessor, the eVscope 1, and offers several improvements and new features. In this article, we will explore the design and capabilities of the eVscope 2 and discuss how it makes astronomy accessible to both amateurs and professionals.
At first glance, the eVscope 2 looks strikingly similar to its predecessor. It features the same silver tube and charcoal grey livery, with no visible label indicating that it’s the eVscope 2. However, beneath its familiar exterior lies a host of new hardware and features that enhance its performance.
One notable improvement is the larger electronic sensor at the instrument’s focus. The eVscope 2 is equipped with a Sony IMX347LQR CMOS chip, which boasts an effective array of 2,712 × 1,538 pixels. This larger sensor size allows for a maximum field of view that is 47% larger than previous models. Additionally, the smaller pixels of the IMX347 sensor result in a finer resolution of approximately 1.3 arcseconds, compared to the 1.7 arcseconds of previous models.
The eVscope 2 also introduces an improved eyepiece developed in partnership with Nikon. This electronic eyepiece features multi-coated optics and provides a more vibrant and faithful display of colors. Users will notice enhanced detail and hues when observing celestial objects through the eVscope 2’s eyepiece.
In terms of functionality, the eVscope 2 remains true to its predecessors. It is a self-contained and portable telescope, equipped with a built-in image-processing computer, a self-aligning tracking mount, and a tripod. The instrument is powered by an internal rechargeable battery that can operate for an entire night of observations. The eVscope 2 is incredibly user-friendly, thanks to Unistellar’s clever software, which ensures a seamless and enjoyable user experience.
One unique aspect of the eVscope 2 is its emphasis on community engagement. Unistellar encourages eVscope users to become part of a thriving online community of “citizen scientists.” Users are invited to participate in various observing programs, including observations of asteroid occultations, exoplanet transits, near-Earth asteroids, and cometary activity. This community-driven approach makes the eVscope 2 a tool not only for personal enjoyment but also for contributing to scientific research.
Setting up the eVscope 2 is a straightforward process. The telescope comes with a three-section tripod that can be easily extended and clamped at the desired height. Once the tripod is leveled using the built-in bubble, the mount can be securely attached with thumbwheels. The eVscope 2 weighs nine kilograms fully assembled, making it easy to move and position for optimal sky viewing.
Operating the eVscope 2 requires a recent Android or Apple smartphone or tablet running the free downloadable Unistellar app. The app allows users to control the telescope wirelessly and provides a live view of the observed objects. It incorporates easy-to-use alignment and tracking systems, as well as an Enhanced Vision feature that enhances views of deep-sky objects in just minutes. The app also facilitates firmware updates for the telescope’s onboard computer.
One notable feature of the eVscope 2 is its super-resolution image-enhancement capability. Similar to techniques used in terrestrial photography, the eVscope 2’s software can upscale and stack multiple images to achieve higher-resolution recordings of deep-sky objects. This feature is exclusive to Enhanced Vision mode and provides users with detailed and stunning images of celestial phenomena.
To wrap it up, the eVscope 2 is a powerful and user-friendly telescope that builds upon the success of its predecessor. With its larger sensor, improved eyepiece, and advanced software, the eVscope 2 offers an enhanced observing experience. Its portability and self-contained design make it accessible to both amateur and professional astronomers. Moreover, the eVscope 2’s emphasis on community engagement encourages users to actively participate in scientific research. Overall, the eVscope 2 is a remarkable tool that combines cutting-edge technology with the joy of stargazing.