Tuword Telescope Pro 400/70 FMC with Adjustable Tripod Finder Compass Portable Refractor Travel Telescopes Ideal Scope for Adults & Kids(Phone Adapter Astronomy Beginners Gifts) Carry Bag

The Tuword Telescope Pro is a game-changer for both adults and kids who are passionate about astronomy. This portable refractor travel telescope offers stunning image quality and a wide field of view, making it ideal for exploring the wonders of the night sky.

With its 400mm (f/5.7) focal length and 70mm aperture, the Tuword Telescope Pro delivers exceptional performance. Its fully coated optical glass lens with high transmittance coating ensures clear and bright imaging while protecting your eyes. Whether you’re observing stars or the moon, this telescope provides an immersive experience for astronomers of all levels.

One of the standout features of the Tuword Telescope Pro is its large 70mm objective lens. This fully coated lens enhances light transmission and reduces reflection, resulting in a clearer and more detailed image. The wider aperture also allows for a larger field of view, making it easier to locate and observe celestial objects.

Crafted with a durable metal body and equipped with a micro adjustment lever, this telescope is built to last. The fine adjustment lever enables precise positioning, ensuring optimal viewing conditions. Additionally, the included smartphone adapter allows you to capture stunning images of celestial objects directly through your phone screen.

The Tuword Telescope Pro comes with a star finder, a 45° orthogonal prism, and FMC HD coating. The star finder quickly locates objects and brings them to the center of your field of view, while the orthographic prism provides a comfortable viewing experience with true color reproduction. The full surface coating and multi-layer broadband coating ensure high light transmission, resulting in clear and bright imaging.

Setting up the telescope is a breeze, thanks to the adjustable aluminum tripod. It provides a stable platform for various viewing positions without the need for additional tools. The telescope and tripod can be easily stored and transported in the included shoulder travel bag, making it the ideal companion for your astronomical adventures.

To wrap it up, the Tuword Telescope Pro is a versatile and high-performing telescope that offers an immersive and enjoyable experience for astronomy enthusiasts. Its exceptional image quality, wide field of view, and user-friendly features make it the ideal choice for both adults and kids. Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer or just starting your stargazing journey, this telescope will undoubtedly enhance your exploration of the cosmos.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: Tuword
  • Optical Tube Length: 15.2 Inches
  • Eye Piece Lens Description: Prism
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 92 Millimeters
  • Telescope Mount Description: 经纬仪
  • Product Dimensions: 18.33″D x 11.5″W x 6.05″H
  • Focus Type: Manual Focus
  • Finderscope: Reflex Lens
  • Lens Coating Description: FMC PREMIUM OPTICS
  • Focal Length: 400mm (f/5.7)
  • Aperture: 70mm
  • Metal Body & Micro Adjustment Lever: Yes
  • Star Finder: Yes
  • Orthogonal Prism: 45°
  • FMC HD Coating: Yes
  • Tripod Material: Aluminum
  • Tripod Type: Adjustable
  • Phone Adapter: Yes
  • Astronomy Gift: Yes
  • Carry Bag: Yes


  • Compact and portable design, making it easy to travel with
  • Adjustable tripod allows for comfortable viewing angles
  • FMC premium optics provide high-quality lens coating for enhanced clarity
  • Prism eye piece lens description offers improved image quality
  • Objective lens diameter of 92mm allows for better light gathering capabilities
  • Metal body and micro adjustment lever ensure durability and precise adjustments
  • Includes a phone adapter, allowing for easy smartphone photography through the telescope
  • Comes with a carry bag for convenient storage and transportation
  • Great astronomy gift for both adults and kids


  • Telescope mount description is in Chinese (经纬仪), which may be confusing for non-Chinese speakers
  • Product dimensions are not the smallest, so it may take up some space when stored
  • Manual focus requires more effort and precision compared to automatic focus
  • Reflex lens finderscope may not be as accurate as other types of finderscopes
  • Focal length of 400mm may limit the scope’s ability for deep space observations