Trailer for ‘A Million Miles Away’ showcases the captivating true-life journey of astronaut José Hernández

In the upcoming film “A Million Miles Away,” audiences will be captivated by the inspiring journey of real-life NASA astronaut José Hernández. Directed by renowned Mexican filmmaker Alejandra Márquez Abella, this movie promises to take viewers on a thrilling ride from Hernández’s humble beginnings as a migrant farm worker to his ultimate goal of exploring the depths of space.

The recently released trailer gives us a glimpse into Hernández’s life, highlighting the challenges he faced along the way. We see a young Hernández being told that although farm work may not be his future, it will always be a part of his past. This sets the stage for his relentless pursuit of his dreams, despite a high number of rejections from the space program.

Actor Michael Peña, who portrays Hernández in the film, delivers a powerful performance as he recounts the astronaut’s 12 failed attempts at joining the astronaut corps. But true to Hernández’s spirit, Peña’s character remains determined, vowing to stand before the selection committee again and again until he succeeds.

Finally, after years of perseverance, Hernández is accepted into NASA’s 19th group of astronauts, known as “The Peacocks,” in 2004. This momentous achievement paves the way for Hernández to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming an astronaut. In August 2009, he embarks on the STS-128 mission as a mission specialist aboard the space shuttle Discovery.

The trailer showcases the camaraderie between Hernández and his fellow crewmates, played by Isabel Aerenlund and Garret Dillahunt. Their interactions on-screen reflect the bond that must exist between astronauts who rely on each other in the vastness of space.

“A Million Miles Away” stays true to Hernández’s real-life experiences, capturing his earliest memory of space exploration when he watched the Apollo 17 moon landing mission on TV in 1972. The film also highlights Hernández’s dedication to improving his chances of being selected as an astronaut by learning to fly and scuba dive. These skills not only demonstrate his determination but also highlight the rigorous training required for space travel.

The trailer culminates in a breathtaking moment as Hernández dons the iconic bright orange advance crew escape suit (ACES) and embarks on his journey to the International Space Station. This scene symbolizes the realization of his dreams and the culmination of years of hard work and perseverance.

“A Million Miles Away” promises to be a captivating film that will inspire audiences to pursue their own dreams, no matter the obstacles they may face. Hernández’s story serves as a reminder that with unwavering determination and resilience, anything is possible.

In addition to Michael Peña’s outstanding portrayal of Hernández, the film boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Rosa Salazar, Sarayu Blue, Veronica Falcon, Julio Cesar Cadillo, and Bobby Soto. Their performances, combined with Márquez Abella’s masterful direction, are sure to make “A Million Miles Away” a must-watch film.

As we eagerly await its release, Hernández himself expresses his hope that his story will inspire countless individuals to follow their dreams. With its powerful message and gripping narrative, “A Million Miles Away” is set to leave an indelible mark on audiences worldwide.