The Space Between Worlds

In a stunning debut that has captivated readers and critics alike, “The Space Between Worlds” takes us on a mind-bending journey through parallel worlds, exploring themes of identity, privilege, and belonging. This gripping novel, written by an author who demands your attention and allegiance, has been hailed as one of the best books of the year by NPR, Library Journal, and Book Riot.

The story unfolds in a dystopian Earth where multiverse travel has become possible, but with a catch: no one can visit a world where their counterpart is still alive. Enter Cara, a remarkable outsider who possesses the rare ability to traverse between worlds. However, her parallel selves seem to be exceptionally adept at dying, whether it is from disease, turf wars, or vendettas they couldn’t escape. On this Earth, though, Cara has managed to survive.

Identified as an outlier, Cara becomes a perfect candidate for multiverse travel. She is plucked from the desolate wastelands and given a chance at a new life in the wealthy and secluded Wiley City. With a nice apartment and a job collecting off-world data for the prestigious Eldridge Institute, Cara’s once-marginalized existence has transformed into an unexpected source of power.

But Cara’s newfound stability is disrupted when one of her remaining doppelgängers dies under mysterious circumstances. This event thrusts her into a world where an old secret awaits, connecting her past and future in ways she never could have imagined. As she unravels the truth, Cara realizes that not only her world but the entire multiverse is in danger.

The Space Between Worlds” is an expertly crafted novel that seamlessly weaves together gorgeous writing, mind-bending world-building, and razor-sharp social commentary. The characters are cleverly developed, and the plot is filled with surprise twists and plenty of action. Through astute prose, the book highlights social and racial inequities, making it a thought-provoking read that resonates long after the final page.

With its compelling narrative and exploration of complex themes, “The Space Between Worlds” is a must-read for fans of science fiction and speculative fiction alike. It’s a captivating tale that will transport readers to multiple dimensions while leaving them pondering the intricacies of their own existence.