The Last Lumenian: Sci Fi Fantasy and Action Adventure of the Rebel Princess named Lilla

“The Last Lumenian: Sci Fi Fantasy and Action Adventure of the Rebel Princess named Lilla” takes readers on an exhilarating journey into a world where princesses don’t need saving, but instead become the saviors themselves. This multi-award-winning book, including the prestigious CIBA 2022 CYGNUS Award for Science Fiction, is a thrilling blend of science fiction, fantasy, and action that will captivate readers from start to finish.

In this captivating tale, we meet Lilla, a rebel princess who is determined to fight for the freedom of the oppressed refugees. Her father, the king, has lost touch with reality since the death of Lilla’s mother, and now the kingdom suffers the consequences. However, Lilla’s life becomes even more complicated with the arrival of Callum, a powerful Teryn general, whose presence ignites conflicted feelings and friction with Arrov, a handsome pilot and fellow rebel.

Lilla’s world is turned upside down as she navigates meddling gods, love interests, and sudden magical abilities that have become her new reality. Despite her efforts to push them away, it becomes clear that they all seek to control her in some way. Now, as an Era War between two ruling archgods looms, Lilla must accept her true identity, embrace her magical powers, find true love, and fulfill her destiny by defeating the Archgod of Chaos and Destruction before he finds her.

What sets “The Last Lumenian” apart is its ability to seamlessly blend genres. It effortlessly combines elements of romance, science fiction, and fantasy, creating a unique reading experience that will appeal to a wide range of readers. The author’s imaginative storytelling transports readers to a vividly depicted world filled with captivating characters and high-stakes action.

This book has garnered numerous accolades, including the 2020 New York Book Festival Winner for Romance Honorable Mention in Science Fiction, the 2020 San Francisco Book Festival Winner for Science Fiction, the 2020 Annual Best Book Awards Winner for Best Cover in Fiction, the 2020 New England Book Festival Winner for Science Fiction, and the 2021 Independent Press Award Distinguished Favorite in Fantasy. These awards serve as a testament to the quality of the storytelling and the author’s ability to captivate readers.

“The Last Lumenian” is published by Lilac Grove Entertainment LLC and was released on October 7, 2020. The book is written in English, with a file size of 3830 KB and features enabled text-to-speech and screen reader capabilities. The enhanced typesetting and X-Ray features further enhance the reading experience, while the enabled Word Wise and sticky notes options make it easy to navigate and annotate the book. With a print length of 317 pages, this book offers readers a substantial and immersive journey.

To wrap it up, “The Last Lumenian: Sci Fi Fantasy and Action Adventure of the Rebel Princess named Lilla” is a must-read for fans of science fiction, fantasy, and action-packed adventures. With its captivating storyline, well-developed characters, and seamless blend of genres, this book will leave readers on the edge of their seats. Pick up a copy today and join Lilla on her epic quest to save her kingdom and discover her true destiny.