Sky Watcher Sky-Watcher StarTravel 120 Telescope Portable f/5 Refractor Telescope – High-Contrast, Wide Field – Grab-and-Go Portable Complete Telescope and Mount System (S10105)

The Sky Watcher Sky-Watcher StarTravel 120 Telescope is a true gem in the world of portable telescopes. Packed with impressive features and designed for both amateur and advanced observers, this telescope offers breathtaking views of the night sky and beyond.

With its 120mm (5′) f/5 StarTravel refractor, this telescope delivers stunningly clear and crisp images. The two-element, air-spaced, fully multi-coated objective achromatic refractor ensures that you can explore star fields, clusters, nebulae, galaxies, planets, and even the Moon with exceptional detail. And with the correct filtering or by projection, you can even observe the Sun safely.

What sets this telescope apart from others is its versatility. Not only does it excel in astronomical observations, but it also serves as an excellent terrestrial telescope. Thanks to the provided 45° correct-image prism, you can enjoy corrected views when observing objects on land.

The Sky-Watcher StarTravel 120 Telescope is ideal for beginners looking for their first telescope or experienced observers seeking a portable option. Compared to similar 80mm f/5 refractors, this larger aperture model offers more light-collecting power at the same focal ratio. It even accepts 2′ diagonals, allowing for wide field views with minimal chromatic aberration.

Portability is key with this telescope. Weighing only 8.6 pounds and measuring just 22 inches long, the optical tube assembly is incredibly easy to carry and set up. The low-maintenance enclosed optics come fully collimated from the factory, ensuring hassle-free operation right out of the box.

The telescope’s AZ3 adjustable aluminum alt-az tripod is a perfect match for its portability. With its easy-to-use slow-motion controls on both the vertical and horizontal axes, you can precisely target celestial objects. The tripod’s adjustable aluminum legs provide stability while keeping the overall weight of the setup to a minimum. Additionally, the large accessory tray offers a convenient storage space for your eyepieces and other gear.

When you purchase the Sky-Watcher StarTravel 120 Telescope, you receive a complete package. Alongside the telescope and tripod, you’ll find a 1 ¼ inch 45° erect image prism, 10mm and 25mm super eyepieces, and a red dot finder. These accessories allow you to maximize your viewing experience, whether you’re observing during the day or at night.

In conclusion, the Sky Watcher Sky-Watcher StarTravel 120 Telescope is a portable powerhouse that delivers professional-quality optics in a compact package. Its ability to provide stunning views of celestial objects and serve as a terrestrial telescope make it a versatile choice for astronomers and nature enthusiasts alike. With its lightweight tripod and comprehensive accessory package, this telescope is ready to accompany you on all your stargazing adventures.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Telescope Type: Refractor
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 120mm (5′)
  • Aperture: f/5
  • Optical Design: Achromatic
  • Lens Coating: Fully multi-coated
  • Optical Elements: Two-element, air-spaced
  • Focal Ratio: f/5
  • Viewing Capabilities: Star fields, clusters, nebulae, galaxies, planets, the Moon, and the Sun (with correct filtering or by projection)
  • Terrestrial Viewing Capability: Yes, with provided 45° correct-image prism
  • Tube Length: 22 inches
  • Tube Weight: 8.6 pounds
  • Tripod Type: AZ3 adjustable aluminum alt-az tripod
  • Tripod Weight: 8 pounds
  • Tripod Payload Capacity: 11 pounds
  • Eyepieces Included: 10mm and 25mm super eyepieces
  • Finder: Red dot finder

Note: The Sky-Watcher StarTravel 120 AZ3 telescope is a portable, lightweight system that provides high-contrast wide field views for both astronomical and terrestrial use. It offers professional-quality optics with fully multi-coated lenses, making it suitable for viewing the Moon, planets, and deep-sky objects. The telescope comes complete with a lightweight aluminum tripod, eyepieces, a correct-image prism, and a red dot finder.


  • Portable and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and set up
  • High-contrast wide field views for both astronomical and terrestrial use
  • Professional-quality optics with fully multi-coated lenses
  • Offers clear views of the Moon, planets, and deep-sky objects
  • Comes complete with eyepieces, correct-image prism, and red dot finder


  • Objective lens diameter of 120mm may not be sufficient for advanced astronomy needs
  • Achromatic optical design may result in some color fringing and reduced image quality compared to apochromatic designs
  • Tripod payload capacity of 11 pounds may limit the use of heavier accessories or cameras
  • No specific information provided about the magnification or field of view
  • Terrestrial viewing capability requires the use of a provided correct-image prism