Orion Observer 134mm Equatorial Reflector Telescope

Looking up at the night sky has always held a certain mystique. The vast expanse of darkness, peppered with twinkling stars, has captivated humans for centuries. If you find yourself drawn to the wonders of the cosmos, the Orion Observer 134mm Equatorial Reflector Telescope is the perfect tool to embark on your astronomical adventures.

Whether you’re a solo stargazer or have a family eager to explore the celestial wonders together, this telescope will undoubtedly provide a solid start. With its impressive 134mm parabolic primary mirror and 650mm focal length, the Observer offers a wide field of view for capturing bright and sharp images of various celestial objects.

Imagine gazing at the lunar surface, Saturn’s majestic rings, or getting lost in the mesmerizing beauty of the Lagoon and Orion nebulas. And that’s just scratching the surface! The Observer is capable of revealing an entire universe of objects for the serious beginning astro enthusiast.

One of the standout features of this telescope is its sturdy EQ3 class equatorial mount. Paired with an adjustable aluminum tripod and a roomy accessory tray, this mount provides exceptional support and stability. The Vixen-style dovetail mounting saddle allows for quick setup and transport, making it convenient to take your stargazing adventures anywhere.

The optical tube, cradled in felt-lined tube rings, offers flexibility in focuser orientation, ensuring your comfort while observing celestial objects. Dual slow-motion cables enable you to track objects manually, keeping them centered in the eyepiece’s field of view.

Speaking of eyepieces, the Observer comes with two high-quality 1.25′ Plossl eyepieces. The 25mm eyepiece provides low-power views at 26x magnification, while the 10mm eyepiece allows you to zoom in at 65x magnification. Both eyepieces are equipped with anti-reflection coatings, enhancing light transmission for exceptional image quality. Plus, their threaded barrels accept optional Orion filters, allowing for further customization.

To assist you in locating and centering your target of interest, the Observer includes a 6×30 crosshair finder scope. This handy tool ensures you won’t miss out on any celestial marvels.

Despite its impressive capabilities, the Observer remains remarkably portable. The optical tube can be effortlessly detached from the mount using the dovetail mounting system. Weighing just over 18 lbs, this telescope strikes the ideal balance between stability and portability. It’s hefty enough to provide steady images even in a breeze, yet light enough to carry out to your backyard when the stars come out to play.

In conclusion, the Orion Observer 134mm Equatorial Reflector Telescope is a wonderfully capable instrument that grants serious beginning and intermediate stargazers an exciting glimpse into the enchanting night sky. Its powerful mirror and focal length deliver crisp, wide-field views of various celestial objects. With its sturdy mount, high-quality eyepieces, and portable design, this telescope is sure to ignite your passion for astronomy and open up a universe of exploration.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Optical Design: Equatorial Reflector Telescope
  • Aperture: 134mm (5.3′)
  • Focal Length: 650mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/4.9
  • Mount Type: EQ3-class equatorial mount
  • Tripod Material: Aluminum
  • Tube Rings: Felt-lined, adjustable
  • Finder Scope: 6×30 crosshair finder scope
  • Eyepieces Included: 25mm (26x magnification), 10mm (65x magnification)
  • Eyepiece Barrel Size: 1.25′
  • Eyepiece Features: Anti-reflection coatings, threaded for optional filters
  • Weight: Just over 18 lbs


  • Equatorial reflector design provides excellent image quality and clarity
  • 134mm aperture allows for detailed views of celestial objects
  • Short focal length of 650mm enables wide field of view
  • Fast focal ratio of f/4.9 makes it suitable for astrophotography
  • EQ3-class equatorial mount provides stable and accurate tracking
  • Aluminum tripod offers durability and stability during observations
  • Felt-lined, adjustable tube rings ensure secure positioning and minimize vibrations
  • 6×30 crosshair finder scope aids in locating celestial objects
  • Included 25mm and 10mm eyepieces provide versatility in magnification
  • Eyepiece barrel size of 1.25′ allows compatibility with a wide range of accessories
  • Eyepiece features such as anti-reflection coatings and threaded barrel enhance viewing experience
  • Reasonably lightweight at just over 18 lbs, making it easily transportable


  • Requires some assembly and setup before use
  • Does not include additional eyepieces beyond the 25mm and 10mm options
  • No mention of included accessories such as a moon filter or star diagonal
  • The tripod material being aluminum may not be as stable as more robust materials like steel