Monitoring Human Emissions from Space: A Comprehensive Approach

The Copernicus Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide Monitoring (CO2M) mission is set to revolutionize our understanding of carbon dioxide emissions and their impact on climate change. As the first satellite mission dedicated to measuring human-induced carbon dioxide release into the atmosphere, CO2M represents an important step in our commitment to mitigating the effects of global warming.

One of the key contributions of the CO2M mission is its ability to provide unprecedented precision in monitoring carbon dioxide emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels at both national and regional scales. By collecting data from various sources, including power plants, factories, and transportation networks, CO2M will offer valuable insights into the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere through human activities.

This data will serve as a critical tool for policymakers and environmental scientists to assess the effectiveness of policy measures aimed at reducing carbon emissions. With access to accurate and independent information on carbon dioxide emissions, the European Union will be able to evaluate the impact of its policies and track progress towards decarbonizing Europe.

Furthermore, the data collected by CO2M will play an important role in the next Global Stocktake, scheduled for 2028. This stocktake is a comprehensive review of global climate action, where countries assess their progress towards meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. By providing unique and reliable information on carbon dioxide emissions, CO2M will contribute to a more accurate evaluation of each country’s efforts in combating climate change.

In a recent video showcasing the CO2M mission, key members of the project team shared their insights on its importance. Valerie Fernandez, the CO2M Mission Project Manager, emphasized that CO2M is not just a mission but a critical tool for understanding and addressing climate change. Yannig Durand, the CO2M Payload Manager, highlighted the mission’s capability to measure carbon dioxide emissions with unprecedented precision. Finally, Yasjka Meijer, the CO2M Mission Scientist, explained how the data collected by CO2M will provide the EU with an independent source of information to assess policy measures’ effectiveness.

The launch of the CO2M mission represents a significant milestone in our efforts to combat climate change. With its ability to provide accurate and independent data on carbon dioxide emissions, CO2M will empower policymakers and scientists to make informed decisions and track progress towards a decarbonized future. As we move forward, the insights gained from the CO2M mission will undoubtedly shape our strategies for mitigating climate change and preserving the health of our planet.