MEEZAA Telescope, 150EQ Reflector Telescope for Adults Astronomy Beginners, Manual Equatorial Professional Telescopes Astronomy with 2X Barlow Lens, Phone Adapter, Adjustable Tripod and Moon Filter

The MEEZAA Telescope is a powerful and versatile instrument that is ideal for astronomy enthusiasts of all levels. With its 150mm aperture and 650mm focal length, this reflector telescope captures more light, resulting in high-resolution images that are perfect for observing deep space celestial objects.

Unlike refracting telescopes, the MEEZAA Telescope’s reflector design eliminates chromatic aberration and provides stronger light-gathering ability. This means that you’ll be able to observe celestial bodies with greater clarity and detail.

The telescope comes with two replaceable eyepieces (25mm,10mm) that offer magnifications of 26X and 65X respectively. Additionally, the 2X Barlow lens doubles the power of each eyepiece, allowing you to magnify the moon up to 52X or 130X. The included red dot finderscope makes locating objects a breeze, ensuring that you never miss out on any celestial wonders.

One of the standout features of the MEEZAA Telescope is its manual German Equatorial mount. Equipped with two slow-motion knobs, this mount allows for smooth and accurate pointing. The dial and fine-turned control cables ensure precise positioning and fast-tracking of celestial bodies, making your observations more stable and enjoyable.

For added convenience, the telescope comes with a stable and adjustable stainless steel tripod. With its large diameter and high-quality construction, the tripod provides a sturdy base for your telescope, allowing you to locate celestial objects smoothly and accurately.

In this digital age, the MEEZAA Telescope also caters to those who want to capture and share their astronomical experiences. The included phone adapter allows you to attach your smartphone to the telescope, enabling you to take photos and videos of the celestial wonders you observe. Share these special moments in real-time with your friends and family, adding an extra layer of excitement to your stargazing adventures.

The MEEZAA Telescope comes with a range of accessories, including two high-quality eyepieces, a 2X erecting Barlow lens, a red dot finderscope, a moon filter, a color filter, a phone adapter, and an adjustable stainless steel tripod. With all these accessories, you’ll have everything you need to start observing right away.

Overall, the MEEZAA Telescope is a fantastic choice for adult astronomy beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Its large aperture, powerful magnification, and high-quality optics ensure that you’ll be able to observe celestial objects with stunning clarity and detail. The included accessories and user-friendly features make it a complete package for anyone looking to embark on a journey through the cosmos.

Technical Specifications

  • Aperture: 150mm
  • Focal Length: 650mm
  • Optical Design: Reflector
  • Light Gathering Ability: Strong
  • Chromatic Aberration: None
  • Optics: Fully-coated glass
  • Eyepieces: 25mm (26X magnification), 10mm (65X magnification)
  • Barlow Lens: 2X magnification
  • Finderscope: Red Dot
  • Mount Type: German Equatorial
  • Mount Control: Manual with slow motion knobs
  • Tripod Material: Stainless Steel
  • Tripod Adjustability: Adjustable
  • Phone Adapter: Included
  • Accessories Included: 2x Eyepieces, 2X Barlow Lens, Moon Filter, Color Filter, Phone Adapter, Adjustable Tripod

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  • Aperture of 150mm provides strong light gathering ability for clear and detailed views
  • Chromatic aberration is eliminated, ensuring high-quality images
  • Fully-coated glass optics enhance image clarity and brightness
  • Includes two eyepieces with different magnifications (26X and 65X) for versatile viewing options
  • 2X Barlow lens provides additional magnification
  • Red Dot finderscope helps in locating celestial objects with ease
  • German Equatorial mount offers precise and stable tracking of celestial objects
  • Manual mount control with slow motion knobs allows for smooth and precise adjustments
  • Stainless steel tripod provides durability and stability
  • Adjustable tripod height for comfortable viewing positions
  • Phone adapter included for capturing images or videos through the telescope
  • Comes with a moon filter and color filter for enhancing lunar observations
  • Includes all necessary accessories for immediate use


  • None mentioned in the product description