Live Streaming: ESA’s Earth Observation Commercialisation Forum

ESA’s Earth Observation Commercialisation Forum, set to take place next week in Paris, is an exciting event that will bring together stakeholders in the Earth observation sector to discuss the commercial potential and challenges of this field. With participants ranging from investors to entrepreneurs to institutions, the forum aims to explore the latest trends and strategies in Earth observation commercialization.

The forum will kick off with an opening session on Monday, October 30th, featuring welcome messages from the ESA Director General and other key figures in the organization. Following this, there will be a discussion on the market status and trends of Earth observation worldwide, with contributions from ESA, trade organizations, and experts in the field.

One of the highlights of the event will be a session on how ESA is stimulating and taking advantage of the Earth observation commercial industry and New Space approaches to business. This session will showcase ESA’s involvement in the commercialization of Earth observation and highlight successful European examples in this field.

Another exciting aspect of the forum is the CommEO Award, where innovative and promising Earth observation start-ups will pitch their business ideas and compete for recognition. This award not only provides a platform for these start-ups to showcase their ideas but also serves as a testament to the growing entrepreneurial spirit in this industry.

On Tuesday, October 31st, the focus will shift to the investor perspective in Earth observation. Private and public investors, including venture capitalists and the European Investment Bank, will share their insights on the opportunities and challenges in this sector. The ESA investor platform will also be presented during this session.

Additionally, there will be a panel discussion on commercial Earth observation opportunities arising from future connectivity and IoT4EO. This session will delve into the regulatory environment, real-time tasking value chain, and analyze their impact on the Earth observation sector as a whole. The outcomes of the ESA start-up incubation program will also be discussed.

The forum will conclude with a thought-provoking panel discussion on how Europe can achieve leadership in the global Earth observation commercial market. Representatives from the European Commission, ESA, industry, and investors will address the strategies and actions needed to stimulate consistent growth and establish Europe as a worldwide leader in this field.

The Earth Observation Commercialisation Forum promises to be an engaging and informative event that brings together key players in the Earth observation sector. With a focus on commercial potential, trends, and strategies, this forum is a testament to the growing importance of Earth observation in various industries. Stay tuned for live streaming of the sessions on ESA WebTV Two to catch all the exciting discussions and presentations at this groundbreaking event.