Learn about Roswell’s International UFO Museum and Research Center

Located in Roswell, New Mexico, the International UFO Museum and Research Center has undergone remarkable changes since its inception. Initially conceived by a group of individuals, including Walter Haut, Glenn Dennis, Max Littell, Don Schmitt, and the author of this article, the museum has evolved from a modest collection to a notable establishment. With its science fiction elements, extensive library of UFO materials, and commercial success, the museum has been able to expand and enhance its offerings.

The museum’s displays are of exceptional quality, reflecting the effort invested in their creation. Some exhibits have a scientific focus, while others lean towards science fiction. Noteworthy displays include a towering statue of Gort, the iconic robot from the classic film “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is a depiction of a deceased alien in a hospital or morgue setting, which draws inspiration from the ShowTime movie “Roswell” and potentially eyewitness accounts.

One particularly impressive feature of the museum is an enclosed “spaceship bridge” that offers visitors an immersive cosmic experience. However, a UFO landing scene, while present for several years, lacks the same impact and periodically releases smoke and loud noises.

Among the museum’s sections is a segment dedicated to notable UFO cases, including abductions. The author expresses a desire for more emphasis on the Hickson-Parker abduction, especially considering the recent passing of Calvin Parker. However, there is one aspect that the author criticizes: a small display about MJ-12. Most within the UFO community ponder the MJ-12 documents to be a hoax. The skepticism arises from statements made by one of the initial recipients of these documents, who admitted to contemplating their creation for research purposes. The author suggests that the museum should acknowledge the dubious nature of these documents.

No museum experience is complete without a visit to the gift shop, and the International UFO Museum and Research Center does not disappoint. The shop offers a wide range of Roswell-themed items, ensuring visitors can find a memento to commemorate their visit.

While the International UFO Museum and Research Center may not rival the size of institutions like the Smithsonian or Museums of Natural History, it is on par with them in terms of professionalism. The author enthusiastically recommends a visit to the museum for anyone who finds themselves in Roswell. With its impressive displays, blend of science and fiction, and commercial success, the museum is undoubtedly worth the time of any curious explorer.