Knowledge Encyclopedia Space!: The Universe as You've Never Seen it Before (DK Knowledge Encyclopedias)

Are you ready to embark on an interstellar journey like never before? Look no further than “Knowledge Encyclopedia Space!: The Universe as You’ve Never Seen it Before.” This spacetastic new edition is beaming with incredible pictures and the latest facts about the universe, making it an absolute must-have for space enthusiasts of all ages.

From the origin of the universe to the future of space rockets, this book takes you on a cosmic adventure that covers it all. Did you know that the moon was once a piece of the Earth? Or that a day on Venus is longer than one year? Prepare to have your mind blown as you uncover these fascinating tidbits and so much more.

First published in 2015, “Knowledge Encyclopedia Space!” has undergone a complete revision and update for 2020, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of space knowledge. With new images and information, this book will catapult you to the furthest reaches of the cosmos.

But what sets this book apart from others? It’s the stunning visuals that bring the wonders of the universe to life. Using the latest computer-generated 3-D imagery, eye-catching photographs, gripping information, and explanatory diagrams, “Knowledge Encyclopedia Space!” creates an immersive experience that will leave you in awe.

Delve into the formation of stars and galaxies, take a breathtaking trip through the Milky Way, and explore the inner workings of the International Space Station. This book leaves no celestial stone unturned, offering a comprehensive exploration that will satisfy even the most curious minds.

Not only does “Knowledge Encyclopedia Space!” boast captivating content, but it also showcases exceptional production quality. With its large format measuring 10.19 x 0.73 x 12.06 inches, this book allows every detail to shine. Weighing 3.1 pounds, it feels substantial in your hands, adding to the sense of grandeur that awaits within its pages.

Published by DK Children, renowned for their commitment to educational excellence, this book is a testament to their dedication in providing enriching resources for young minds. It’s also worth noting that “Knowledge Encyclopedia Space!” is an English-language publication, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of readers.

With an ISBN-10 of 0744028922 and an ISBN-13 of 978-0744028928, this book is set to make waves in the space enthusiast community. Its release date of January 18, 2022, is highly anticipated, promising an exciting start to the new year.

To wrap it up, “Knowledge Encyclopedia Space!: The Universe as You’ve Never Seen it Before” is an extraordinary journey that will ignite your passion for space exploration. With its captivating visuals, up-to-date information, and engaging narrative, it is a must-have addition to any space enthusiast’s collection. Get ready to be transported to the farthest reaches of the cosmos and prepare to have your mind expanded.