Introducing a New Wristwatch: A Symbolic Connection from Apollo to Artemis, Infused with Genuine Moon Dust

Moon Dust-Infused Timepiece: A Bridge Between Past and Future

October 4, 2023 — There is an allure to moon dust. Just like its unique adhesive properties, causing it to stick to everything it touches, it tends to draw the attention of everyone who sees it, regardless of their walk of life. This fascination with moon dust has inspired Col&MacArthur, a Belgium-based watch company, to create the LUNAR1,622, a timepiece infused with moon dust. The name itself reflects the gravitational pull of the moon, with “1,622” representing the moon’s gravity compared to Earth’s.

The LUNAR1,622 was launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform on the first day of World Space Week. Col&MacArthur offers several configurations of the watch, ranging from $399 for a version without moon dust to $599 and $999 for models with moon dust and either Japanese Miyota or Swiss Sellita watch movements. The watches come in steel or titanium bodies.

One of the most captivating features of the LUNAR1,622 is the chamber on the face that holds lunar dust from a meteorite found in Northwest Africa in 2017. The dust, certified as authentic by MSG Meteorites, creates a miniature representation of the lunar surface within the chamber. Sebastien Colen, the founder and CEO of Col&MacArthur, shared that they initially wanted to let the dust loose in the watch but found that it would stick to the glass due to its thinness. To improve the rendering, they decided to secure the dust to a platform within the chamber.

Even without the moon dust, the LUNAR1,622 pays tribute to both past and future lunar missions. On the standard model, an image of an Apollo moon boot print replaces the lunar material’s place. The dial of all models features a 3D rendering of the moon, highlighting its seas and crater-pocked topography. The edge of the moon dust chamber bears the dates of Apollo 11’s moon landing, with the initials ‘N’ and ‘A’ for Neil Armstrong. Armstrong’s iconic words, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” are inscribed opposite the chamber on the bezel. The dial also displays the Roman numerals representing Apollo missions that either went into orbit around the moon or landed on its surface.

Col&MacArthur’s attention to detail is evident in the case back, which proudly displays NASA’s logo in white and blue. To obtain approval for the logo’s use, Colen had to submit the design to NASA and adhere to their specific guidelines. Underneath the logo lies an NFC chip, enabling the LUNAR1,622 to interact with smartphones or other NFC readers. This feature provides information about the watch’s owner and the source meteorite for the lunar dust.

Sebastien Colen hopes that the LUNAR1,622 will garner as much interest as their previous watch, the RED 3,721, which featured a Mars theme and dust from a Martian meteorite. The RED 3,721 raised over $390,000 from nearly 600 backers on Kickstarter. Colen sees the LUNAR1,622 as a way to connect the past and future, commemorating our history while paving the way for a better future. As he puts it, “It’s been 55 years since we’ve been on the moon and it’s only just now that we’re thinking about going again. We think the LUNAR1,622 is a nice way to connect our past to the future.”

In an era where space exploration continues to capture our imagination, Col&MacArthur’s LUNAR1,622 serves as a tangible reminder of our lunar history while igniting our curiosity for what lies ahead. The allure of moon dust combined with meticulous design and attention to detail make this timepiece a bridge between the past and the future of space exploration.