Entry-Level Astronomical Telescope, High-Definition 90 Times, Children's Gifts, with Moon Filter, Right-Angle Frame, Tripod, Suitable for Beginners (Silver)

Are you ready to embark on a celestial journey? Look no further than the Entry-Level Astronomical Telescope, a perfect gift for beginners and young stargazers. This silver wonder is designed to ignite curiosity and encourage exploration of the universe.

With its maximum magnification of 90 times, this telescope allows for clear and detailed observations of celestial bodies. Equipped with a 50mm objective lens, it captures light effectively, enhancing the brightness and vividness of the images. The included 20mm and 6mm eyepieces provide flexibility in observing distant objects and offer a comfortable viewing experience.

What sets this telescope apart is its unique design. The right-angle mirror, specially crafted for optimal human comfort, ensures a more enjoyable viewing experience, even for those wearing glasses. The optically coated glass lenses with high-transmission coating minimize reflections and maximize the amount of light reaching the eyepieces, resulting in breathtakingly vibrant images.

To make your stargazing adventure even more convenient, this telescope comes complete with a lightweight aluminum tripod. Its high rigidity ensures stability, allowing you to focus solely on the wonders above. The package also includes a moon filter, a 1.5x multiplier, and a right-angle mirror, providing you with all the necessary accessories to explore the cosmos at your own pace.

The HD magnification and manual focus of this telescope are a match made in the heavens. With 90 times high-definition magnification, celestial images come to life before your eyes. The engraved fine lines on the focus wheel add a touch of elegance while ensuring precise adjustments during observation.

For beginner astronomers, we have an intimate suggestion. Start with the 20mm eyepiece to get acquainted with the telescope’s capabilities. Once you feel comfortable, switch to the 6mm eyepiece for a closer look. This gradual approach allows your eyes to adapt, resulting in a better observation effect and a truly comfortable viewing experience.

Beyond its technical features, this telescope holds the power to strengthen relationships. Imagine the joy on a child’s face as they unwrap this remarkable gift at a birthday party. Encourage their spirit of exploration and foster a deeper connection by exploring the mysteries of the universe together. Through this shared experience, parent-child bonds can flourish and create memories that last a lifetime.

To wrap it up, the Entry-Level Astronomical Telescope is not just a tool for stargazing; it’s a gateway to wonder and awe. Its thoughtful design, complete accessories, HD magnification, and manual focus make it an ideal companion for beginners. So why wait? Bring the universe closer and unveil its secrets with this remarkable telescope.

Key Technical Specifications

  • Product Name: Entry-Level Astronomical Telescope
  • Maximum Magnification: 90x
  • Objective Lens: 50mm
  • Eyepiece 1: 20mm
  • Eyepiece 2: 6mm
  • Eyepiece Accessories: Moon Filter
  • Product Type: Astronomical Telescope
  • Coating: Optical Coating
  • Focus: Hand Wheel Focus
  • Tripod Height: About 38cm
  • Tripod Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Silver
  • Product Weight: 900g
  • Package Size: 44*22*11cm

Unique Design: Right angle mirror – 90 degree right angle is specially designed for human comfort, more comfortable when viewing with glasses. Optically coated glass lenses with a high-transmission coating help reduce reflections and increase the amount of light reaching the eyepieces, resulting in brighter, more vivid images.

Complete Accessories: Aluminum tripod – light weight and high rigidity, main lens barrel, 1.5x multiplier, moon filter, right-angle mirror, H20 eyepiece, H6 eyepiece – take you to play with the telescope as you like.

HD Magnification & Manual Focus: 90 times high-definition magnification, you can clearly observe celestial images; the focus wheel is engraved with fine lines, comfortable feel, more convenient to adjust while observing.

Intimate Suggestion: It’s recommended that beginners use the 20mm eyepiece at the beginning and then switch to the 6mm eyepiece after getting familiar with it, so that the eyes can adapt to get a better observation effect and a comfortable viewing experience.

Enhance the Relationship: At the birthday party, give the child the best gift, stimulate the child’s spirit of exploration, and explore the mysteries of the universe together. Appropriate parent-child interaction will promote parent-child relationship.


  • High-definition 90x magnification allows for clear observation of celestial images.
  • Optically coated glass lenses with a high-transmission coating reduce reflections and increase the amount of light reaching the eyepieces, resulting in brighter and more vivid images.
  • Right angle mirror design provides greater comfort when viewing with glasses.
  • Complete accessories including an aluminum tripod, main lens barrel, moon filter, right-angle mirror, H20 eyepiece, and H6 eyepiece enhance the overall experience and versatility of the telescope.
  • The focus wheel with fine lines allows for easy and precise manual focus adjustments while observing.
  • Recommended eyepiece progression (20mm followed by 6mm) helps beginners adapt their eyes and achieve better observation effects.
  • Using the telescope as a gift for a child’s birthday party can stimulate their spirit of exploration and promote parent-child interaction.


  • The objective lens is relatively small at 50mm, which may limit the amount of light captured and affect image quality.
  • The tripod height of about 38cm may not be suitable for all users, especially taller individuals.
  • The product weight of 900g may be considered slightly heavy for some users, especially children.
  • The package size of 44*22*11cm may require additional storage space when not in use.