Benjamin Moore Collaborates with Blue Origin to Unveil Space-Inspired Color for 2024

In a groundbreaking collaboration between Benjamin Moore and Blue Origin, a stunning new shade of blue has been unveiled with the aim of inspiring future generations about STEM education and careers in the space industry. The announcement took place at Blue Origin’s orbital launch site in Cape Canaveral, Florida, where representatives from Benjamin Moore revealed their pick for Color of the Year 2024, Blue Nova 825.

Andrea Magno, color marketing and development director at Benjamin Moore, explained that Blue Nova 825 is inspired by the brilliance of a new star formed in space. The color represents a beckoning to unknown experiences and places, inviting individuals to seek out new adventures. This partnership between a commercial spaceflight company and a premium paint manufacturer aims to merge science and creativity, emphasizing the importance of STEM education and its potential to shape the future.

During the event, Magno and Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore’s color and design manager, also introduced the company’s 2024 Color Trends palette. This collection of 10 colors, including Blue Nova 825, tells a story of adventure and duality, juxtaposing light and dark, warm and cool tones. Grech explained that the palette is designed to empower people to explore the extraordinary and use color as a means of self-expression in their homes.

Grech highlighted the significance of announcing the Color of the Year and Color Trends palette at Blue Origin’s launch site, stating that it is the ideal location to share this news. Blue Origin, a leader in space exploration, is dedicated to paving the road to space through its production facility and upcoming launches of the New Glenn rocket.

Building on this partnership, Benjamin Moore also announced its collaboration with Blue Origin’s not-for-profit Club for the Future. The aim is to reimagine design in local community hospitals, create space-themed experiences at upcoming events, and reinforce the influence that travel can have on color inspirations. By engaging with Club for the Future, Benjamin Moore hopes to contribute to building a future for the next generation.

Club for the Future, founded in 2019, is focused on inspiring young people to shape the future of life in space. Its primary program, “Postcards to Space,” encourages children to decorate postcards with their visions for the future of space exploration. These postcards are then launched into space, stamped as having flown, and returned to their artist-owners as souvenirs. The program has already sent hundreds of thousands of postcards into space, capturing the imagination of young minds.

In another exciting development, Shaquille O’Neal’s Big Chicken restaurant chain has partnered with Club for the Future to offer guests a chance to receive a free kid’s sundae by bringing completed postcards to store registers. This promotion aims to further engage children in the wonder and possibilities of space exploration. Additionally, Big Chicken and Club for the Future have collaborated on an education curriculum that challenges students to think creatively about what a new menu item might look like in space. This curriculum aims to inspire future generations about STEM careers and foster a sense of wonder and possibility.

The collaboration between Benjamin Moore, Blue Origin, and Club for the Future represents a unique merging of science, creativity, and inspiration. By combining the power of color with the pursuit of space exploration, these partnerships aim to ignite curiosity, encourage innovation, and shape the next generation of scientists, engineers, and dreamers. As Blue Nova 825 lights up our homes and imaginations, it serves as a reminder that the sky is no longer the limit; it is just the beginning of our boundless journey into the unknown.