Artemis II Crew Embarks on Visit to Spacecraft

The European Space Agency (ESA) has made significant contributions to NASA’s Artemis program, particularly through the development of the European Service Module (ESM). During the first Artemis mission, ESM exceeded expectations by providing power, propulsion, temperature control, and course correction for the Orion spacecraft. Now, as Artemis II approaches, ESM-2 is ready to support the mission with real astronauts on board.

ESM-2 is a testament to ESA’s commitment to the Artemis program and its goal of sending astronauts beyond low-Earth orbit and eventually to the Moon’s surface. This module will ensure that the crew has essential resources like electricity and temperature control during their journey through space. It will be connected to the crew module to create the Artemis II vehicle and thoroughly tested before its scheduled launch next year.

The video accompanying this article features interviews with key individuals involved in the development of ESM-2. Philippe Berthe, ESA’s European Service Module Project Coordination Manager, discusses the module’s role in supporting Orion and the Artemis program. Kai Bergemann, Airbus Deputy Program Manager for Orion and the European Service Module, provides insights into the development process and the challenges faced. Jeremy Hansen, a Canadian Space Agency astronaut selected for Artemis II, shares his excitement about being part of this historic mission. Lastly, Debbie Korth, NASA’s Deputy Program Manager for Orion, highlights the importance of international collaboration in achieving the goals of Artemis.

The Artemis program aims to establish sustainable human exploration on the Moon by 2024 and serve as a stepping stone for future missions to Mars. ESA’s contribution through the ESM is crucial for achieving these goals. As we look forward to Artemis II, the European Service Module stands as a symbol of international cooperation and technological advancements in space exploration.

In conclusion, ESA’s European Service Module has proven its capabilities during Artemis I and is now ready to support Artemis II with real astronauts on board. ESM-2 will provide essential power, propulsion, and temperature control for the Orion spacecraft during its journey to the Moon. This module represents ESA’s commitment to international collaboration and its vision of sending humans beyond low-Earth orbit. With the launch of Artemis II scheduled for next year, the Artemis program takes one step closer to establishing sustainable human presence on the Moon and paving the way for future missions to Mars.