Analysis of Rep. Don Bacon’s Wednesday UFO Hearing

In a rare bipartisan effort, New York Democratic senator and Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer, is spearheading legislation for a board review of classified documents related to UFOs, or as they prefer to call them, UAPs. Republican senators Mike Rounds of South Dakota and Marco Rubio of Florida have expressed their support for the legislation, which is attached to the National Defense Authorization Act. If passed, this measure would require government agencies to organize their information on UFOs and provide it to a review board, which will be composed of nine members appointed by President Biden.

However, there are a few concerns regarding this legislation. Firstly, the data collection will be managed by the National Archives, which has raised some eyebrows. Additionally, the initial legislation was modeled after the release of documents relating to the Kennedy assassination, which hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing. It is worth noting that President Biden has also exercised his authority to override the release of some Kennedy files.

Interestingly, the recent renewed interest in UFOs can be attributed to whistleblower David Grusch’s comments about crashed crafts, alien bodies, and documentation. However, researchers Don Schmitt and the author have been discussing these topics for over three decades and have even named names and presented documentation. It is puzzling why the mainstream media ignored their claims while now giving attention to Grusch.

Moving on, Tennessee Representative Tim Burchett has scheduled hearings to discuss the latest information on UFOs. The witnesses being called to testify include David Grusch, Ryan Graves, and David Fravor. However, there is skepticism about the value of their testimony. Grusch has already stated that he cannot provide names or documentation at this point, rendering his claims as hearsay. Furthermore, Grusch mentioned a 1933 UFO crash in Italy that has been debunked by Italian UFO researchers. As for Graves and Fravor, they have previously shared their stories, so it remains unclear what new information they can bring to the table.

In a surprising statement, Representative Don Bacon from Nebraska, a retired brigadier general, claimed that if he had seen a UFO, he would have shot it down. This remark raises questions about his authority and the effectiveness of terrestrial weapons against advanced extraterrestrial technology. Engaging in such actions could potentially portray humanity as a hostile race, which might not be the image we want to project to other civilizations.

Returning to the main point, if there are no additional witnesses, the purpose of these hearings becomes questionable. Perhaps Representative Burchett should think exploring the well-known Roswell case, where there is substantial evidence in the form of tapes, videos, and audio recordings from individuals involved in the recovery operation. Unlike the identified witnesses, researchers like Don Schmitt and the author have shared their information to a lesser extent in the media, providing names and documentation to support their claims.

While we eagerly await the hearings on Wednesday, it’s essential to manage our expectations. Unless there are surprises in store, this event may only generate more hype without any significant revelations. Eventually, we will grow tired of the hype and demand substantive evidence. The authors suggest that their research into the Roswell case, along with Don Schmitt and Tom Carey, could alleviate some of this boredom and provide valuable insights. However, given the history of the Deep State concealing the truth, there is a sense of apprehension.