A Recollection of the Roswell Witness’s Testimony

Glenn Dennis (1925-2015) Remembered by the UFO Detective James Clarkson

In the small town of Roswell, New Mexico, the 75th anniversary of the infamous Roswell UFO Crash of July 1947 was being commemorated. Among the speakers at the event was UFO detective James Clarkson and his colleague Joanne, who were presenting a unique program titled “The Psychic and the Detective.” The program revolved around interviews with four women who had played significant roles in various UFO events.

The first lady featured in their program was June Crain Kaba, who had worked at Wright Paterson AFB from 1942-1952. Before her death in 1997, she entrusted James with her story, which included evidence of UFO craft retrievals. The second woman, Estella Krussel, had witnessed the Westport crash in 1979 and had a deep connection to the mysterious incident. Ms. Dale Spaur, the wife of Deputy Dale Spaur, was the third woman whose life was forever changed when her husband chased a UFO across miles of Ohio countryside in 1966. Lastly, Frankie Rowe, who was just a kid at the time of the Roswell UFO crash, recounted her terrifying experience of holding a piece of the UFO metal and being terrorized by the military.

During their presentation, a reporter from The Sun UK named Emma Parry entered the room and showed interest in their program. She interviewed James to gather more information about the Roswell story. James revealed that he had met Glenn Dennis, a well-known Roswell witness, during his visit in 2000. Glenn Dennis worked for the Ballard Funeral Home and became involved in the Roswell incident when he received a call from the Roswell Army Air Force asking about child-sized coffins. Glenn’s involvement made him a founding board member of the International UFO Museum and Research Center, but he also faced controversy due to his promise to a nurse who had participated in a real alien autopsy.

Glenn Dennis, however, became exasperated with the relentless pursuit of UFO investigators and decided to invent a name for the nurse to deter them. He later regretted this decision. Despite his passing in 2015, Glenn Dennis’s story will always be remembered whenever Roswell is mentioned.

In 2022, James Clarkson continued his interview with Emma Parry, and they took pictures in various locations in the room. Reflecting on the media’s coverage of recent Congressional Hearings on UFOs/UAPs, James highlighted the refusal of officialdom to acknowledge any UFO reports before 2004. Even though Colonel William Blanchard, the Roswell Airfield Base Commander, announced the capture of a “Flying Saucer” in 1947, the Air Force chooses to pretend that Roswell never happened.

Despite the denial from official sources, Roswell remains synonymous with the first known official contact with extraterrestrials and their technology. The event symbolizes the beginning of a big denial from authorities who dismiss UFO sightings as mere weather balloons or swamp gas. However, the truth persists, and Roswell continues to captivate the public’s imagination.

James Clarkson concludes his article by expressing his hope that the attendees of the 75th Anniversary Event at the UFO Museum have gained a deeper understanding of the significance of Roswell. The past becomes the present as the world continues to be fascinated by this remarkable event.

To wrap it up, Glenn Dennis, a key witness in the Roswell incident, played an integral role in preserving and sharing the truth about what happened in July 1947. His story, along with those of other witnesses, contributes to the ongoing debate surrounding UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters.