50 Things To See With A Small Telescope

If you’ve ever gazed up at the night sky, mesmerized by the twinkling stars and wondered what secrets lay beyond, “50 Things To See With A Small Telescope” is the ideal companion to unlock the wonders of the universe. Priced at just $9.95, this captivating book is a must-have for both novice and seasoned stargazers alike.

Written by renowned astronomer John A Read, “50 Things To See With A Small Telescope” takes you on a celestial journey right from your own backyard. This enchanting guidebook explores the planets, stars, galaxies, and nebulae that can be observed using a small telescope. With the help of easy-to-follow star maps and eclipse charts updated through the year 2030, you’ll be able to navigate the night sky with ease and precision.

One of the standout features of this book is the “Telescope View” function, which provides a glimpse of how objects appear when viewed through a small telescope. This unique perspective allows you to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of celestial bodies in stunning detail. From identifying prominent stars and major constellations to exploring the Moon and planets, this book covers it all.

But it doesn’t stop there. “50 Things To See With A Small Telescope” also delves into the world of comets and asteroids, enabling you to witness these celestial wanderers as they grace our night sky. Moreover, it even helps you track the International Space Station and spot satellite flares – a truly exciting addition for any space enthusiast.

With its concise 75 pages, this book is a compact yet comprehensive guide that provides an accessible gateway to the vast expanse of the universe. The language used throughout is easy to understand, making it suitable for readers of all ages and levels of astronomical knowledge.

Published by John A Read in May 2013, “50 Things To See With A Small Telescope” is a paperback edition, weighing a mere 4 ounces. Its dimensions of 6 x 0.17 x 9 inches make it a portable and convenient companion for your stargazing adventures.

To wrap it up, “50 Things To See With A Small Telescope” is a captivating and informative guidebook that opens the door to the wonders of the night sky. With its clear and concise explanations, stunning visuals, and invaluable telescope view feature, this book is an indispensable tool for anyone with an interest in astronomy. So grab your telescope, immerse yourself in the cosmos, and prepare to be amazed by the treasures that await you.