3+ Hours of Sci-Fi Horror Stories With Rain Sounds

Indulge in over three hours of spine-chilling sci-fi horror stories accompanied by the soothing sound of rain. This curated collection features a selection of terrifying tales that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From a chief engineer’s involvement in a mysterious project to the hidden truths behind the Chernobyl disaster, each story delves into the depths of suspense and intrigue. Uncover the secrets of a crash incident on Planet Acrion and explore the enigmatic depths of the Gulf of Alaska. Brace yourself for Project Poseidon and discover the chilling reality of tachyons. Join this channel to access exclusive perks and sign up for future updates. Credits to the talented artist MHoltsmeier for the captivating thumbnail art. Prepare to be captivated by The Dark Cosmos, your go-to channel for original sci-fi horror stories and creepypasta. Immerse yourself in cosmic horror and space thrillers that will leave you wanting more. Stay cosmic and get ready for a cinematic-style creepypasta experience that will keep you terrified. Please note that all stories featured are works of fiction intended for entertainment purposes only.