110 Things to See With a Telescope: The World's Most Famous Stargazing List

Are you a budding astronomer looking to explore the wonders of the night sky? Look no further than “110 Things to See With a Telescope: The World’s Most Famous Stargazing List.” This captivating book, priced at $20.95, is your ultimate guide to discovering and observing the 110 most popular stargazing targets.

The book starts by delving into the intriguing history behind these celestial objects. Over two centuries ago, the French comet hunter Charles Messier compiled a list of fuzzy, comet-like objects he encountered during his telescope observations. Little did he know that these nuisances would later be recognized as star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. Today, modern astronomers have expanded Messier’s list from 103 to 110 objects, making them some of the finest sights to explore with your backyard telescope.

What sets this book apart is its user-friendly approach. It provides a star map for each target and written directions on how to find them through the technique of star-hopping. To ensure you’re on the right track, an “eyepiece view” image accompanies each object, confirming that you’re observing it correctly. Additionally, two veteran stargazers share their observing tips, making your stargazing experience even more rewarding.

As you embark on your journey through Messier’s list, the book presents the objects in their recommended viewing order. Whether you prefer to observe them by season or during an all-night marathon, this guide has got you covered. Each page also includes an observation log, allowing you to track your progress and later apply for a Messier Observing Certificate from esteemed organizations like the Astronomical League and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

With its 140 pages filled with captivating information and stunning visuals, “110 Things to See With a Telescope” is a must-have companion for any aspiring astronomer. Published by Stellar Publishing in July 2021, this English-language paperback weighs a mere 9.5 ounces and has dimensions of 8.5 x 0.33 x 8.5 inches.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced stargazer, this book is an invaluable resource that will ignite your curiosity and deepen your understanding of the cosmos. So grab your telescope, embark on a celestial adventure, and let “110 Things to See With a Telescope” be your guide to unlocking the secrets of the night sky.